Is your body clock in sync with your boss?



Is your body clock in sync with your boss?

Your boss probably thinks that you are incompetent if your a night owl and your boss is an early bird. Linda Geddes a science journalist has written a book on how sunlight affects our bodies

Every person has an individual cycle of 24 hours and that determines when we feel energised or sleepy if yours is not in sync with your boss you may need to watch out.

During the course of the day, our mental abilities vary. Our logical reasoning peaks late in the morning. Our problem-solving peaks in the early afternoon. Then we experience a dip in alertness post lunch.

So if you are someone who wakes up early a lark all these things will happen earlier. But if your an owl they will happen later. That could be a problem because according to research if your boss is a lark and you are a night owl they will judge your performance more poorly. Also, larks will behave more unethically in the evening and owls in the morning.

Ideally, your boss should introduce flexible working hours.

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