Thermostat you can wear on your arm.


The thermostat you can wear on your arm.

If you always fight over the heating controls at home or in the office this could be the answer. An armband has been created by scientists that work as a personal thermostat.

It will keep those of us who are always warm or cold at a certain temperature. The armbands which are two-inch square patches work for more than eight hours.

And they can lower a person’s skin temperature by up to 10c. It is a simpler solution than central heating or air conditioning according to the inventors.

Thermostatic alloys which are materials which use electricity to create a temperature difference. Are sandwiched between the heat conducting stretchy sheets and connected to a small battery pack.

Researchers are hoping they will be available commercially in a few years. They have solved fundamental issues now they are tackling engineering issues, electronic hardware, and developing a mobile app to control the temperature. This type of device can improve your thermal comfort if you are commuting on a hot day or feeling too cold in your office according to Professor Renkun Chen who led the study.

This could be the answer for women suffering hot flushes,  it could also help those suffering health conditions which make them overheat such as multiple sclerosis. It could also help prevent heat stroke in construction workers, and fire crews according to researchers.

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