WW1 Play Premieres to a Full House

FIRST World War theatre production ‘With Love from Ruhleben’, written and performed by Breakwater Theatre Company, premiered on Friday to a sold out Cleethorpes Library audience.

The play tells the story of two fictional Grimsby fishermen and a fellow prisoner interned in Ruhleben Camp, a civilian internment camp on the outskirts of Berlin, at the outbreak of the war.

A captivated audience were given an accurate insight into what life would have been like for these men, many of whom were originally from local ports of Grimsby and Immingham.

Andy Evans, Founder and Co-Director, Breakwater Theatre Company said: “Thanks to all those who supported the play and to National Lottery Heritage Funding for making this possible. We hope that the play has done justice to the men interned, who served their country despite their incarceration and that we have been able to educate and entertain, whilst creating a legacy of work for future generations.”

‘With Love from Ruhleben’ is part of a programme of events called ‘In Ruhleben Camp’ being led by Lincs Inspire Library Services this summer. The play, in addition to talks, workshops and exhibitions has been funded by National Lottery Heritage Funding.

Following the project’s conclusion, an education pack for local schools will provide copies of the script from the play, amongst other resources.

Derek O’Connell, Library Services Development Manager, Lincs Inspire said: “We have set out with this project to bring back to living memory the role Ruhleben played in the war time experience of this region. Many of the passed down family memories are in danger of being forgotten and we are working hard to address that and preserve what was for many local families, a tragedy and a hardship. We will be sending out an education pack to all local schools so that Ruhleben Camp and the men and boys interned there can become a vibrant part of the local history curriculum.”

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