Losing a dog can be as hard as losing a loved one.


Losing a dog can be as hard as losing a loved one.

Research has suggested that losing a dog may be harder to heal than the passing of a human. If you have ever loved a dog and then lost them, you will know how incredibly painful it is. A pet is considered to be a member of your family. They become your best friend and you share a special bond with them.

Many people who have not experienced this pain may tell you to just get over it since its only a dog. But science has now proven that mourning the loss of a much loved dog is not unusual.

The Official Journal of the Human Behaviour and Evolution Study found that the bonds we forge with our pups are very comparable to those bonds we form with people. These bonding activities are interpreted by our brains in the same way. So our bodies produce the same hormones as when we bond with people. That is the reason why our pups begin to feel just like family to you. When a dog passes away you can not mourn for them in the same way as you do for people. When a loved one passes away you can seek support or counselling and family and friends are there to support you.

But you have to move on quickly when a dog passes away because others expect you to. Because most other people do not see the loss of a pet as something to grieve over.

If you had a dog that lived with you, when they pass your home becomes different. You lose their love, their comforting presence, and their companionship and it is a lot to lose in one go.

While losing a dog or any pet is heartbreaking. Do not forget that your feeling are valid and it is ok to grieve for them. And remember if other people do not understand, you can tell them that your feelings are backed by science.

Sometimes losing a pet is more painful than losing a human because, in the case of the pet you were not pretending to love it -Amy Sedaris.

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