211,000 plastic particles are eaten by us every year.



211,000 plastic particles are eaten by us every year.

According to a study we are consuming up to 211,000 pieces of microplastic every year. A great many of these are taken in by meals in particular seafood.

The researchers say that it is likely that their figures are underestimates. They were only able to consider plastic that was consumed in about 15% of the average diet.

Seafood and fish have been assessed heavily, but foods such as meat, poultry, and vegetables have not yet been considered for microplastic pollution.

Researchers have calculated that an adult male will on average consume 142 plastic particles a day by mouth and will inhale 170.

According to the study 4,000 particles, a year are consumed by tap water. But this goes up to 90,000 for those who drink bottled water.

It is unclear what the effects of plastic on our health are. Many scientists are of the belief that microplastic flakes may enter human cells and cause damage. There could be particles which carry particles into our bodies and may act as rafts for bacteria to infect us.

It was suggested by researchers from the University of Victoria that we avoid bottled water as one way to reduce the plastic we consume.

Under projections currently, the researchers suggested that humanity will have dumped around 12 million metric tons of plastic waste in landfills or the oceans of the world by 2050.

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