Police car hit by object thrown from bridge

A police car has been damaged after it was hit by an object thought to have been thrown from a bridge over the Peaks Parkway in Grimsby this morning Friday 7 June.

The unknown object was thrown from a footbridge near to Pasture Street around 10am.

The officer driving had the vehicle’s blue lights on while on his way to support another officer who had stopped a disqualified driver.

The windscreen of the car was badly cracked. The officer pulled over the police car when it was safe to do so. Thankfully, neither he nor any other road users were hurt.

Humberside Police are currently reviewing video footage taken from the police car and more widely to find out whoever was responsible.

Chief Superintendent Christine Wilson, Head of Special Operations, said: “I do not and will not accept such reckless and frankly dangerous attacks like this on my officers.

“Not only was it extremely dangerous to my officer but also to other road users as well. It is only good luck that there was little traffic on the road at the time and fortunately no-one was hurt.

“Furthermore, that vehicle will now be off the road for a period of time while it is fixed which means we have one less vehicle available to keep our communities road network safe.

“If you have any information in connection with this, please contact us quoting reference 16/66671/19.”

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