The average cost of being a wedding guest is a whopping £391.


The average cost of being a wedding guest is a whopping £391.

American Express conducted research of 2,000 and they found that the average cost of being a guest at a wedding is £391.

The largest expense was Hotels, many weddings take place in distant areas in the UK and guests spend an average of £72 on accommodation.

Then there are your outfit and gifts for the happy couple which on average cost us £68 with each wedding. Even before we have been to the wedding there is the Hen and Stag do which are a big part of the cost. That will on average cost you £58 although that could be a lot more expensive if it’s held abroad which is becoming popular.

Hair and beauty can also add to the cost. The amount you need to attend a wedding has increased significantly between 2018 to 2019. And on average it costs £88 more than it did last year.

In turn, the number of declines to wedding invites has increased. The average person will only attend one wedding this year which is down from three in 2018.

Have you ever had to decline a wedding invitation because it would be too expensive to attend?

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