Do you think e-cigarettes should be banned in public?



Do you think E-cigs should be banned in public?

The chief medical officer for England Dame Sally Davies said she finds having to breathe in white clouds from e-cigarettes offensive. She is of the opinion that they should only be used in peoples homes.

Although e-cigarettes are safer than ordinary cigarettes the effects in the long term are not known she said. But the official advice from Public Health England says that the public should not be worried about breathing secondhand vapours, but that they should not routinely be used in the same way as conventional cigarettes.

Dame Sally is cautious about the long term effects of e-cigarettes. She says that early evidence showed that glycerol and formaldehyde the chemical in e-cigarettes, can harm cells. And that further damage can be done to the lungs by flavourings used in them.

What do you think should e-cigarettes be banned in public?

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