It is now thought sleep trackers could cause insomnia.



It is now thought sleep trackers could cause insomnia.

According to experts sleep trackers could cause insomnia because we lose sleep worrying about how much we are getting. Monitoring sleep through an app can make it harder to get the right amount.

When you are obsessed about getting the right amount of sleep it can cause stress and anxiety and then produce hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol which keeps us awake.

A sleep expert at the Sleep Disorder Centre at Guy’s Hospital in London said that trackers rely on data that does not truly represent sleep.

Last year there were concerns reported among doctors that sleep trackers could make normal sleepers become anxious about sleep problems that are non-existent. The people who sleep the best tend to not think about it very much.

In a study in 2017, it was stated that people become fixated on improving their recorded sleep data in a quest to be able to achieve perfect sleep.

Using a sleep tracker just because your curious is fine, but if you start to worry what is happening when you look at it then the worry will make you anxious about your sleep. Then you worry when you go to bed and that will not be very good for your sleep.

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