This could be a good idea for those of us who have to suffer the noise from boy racers revving their engines.


This could be good for those of us who have to suffer noise from boy racers revving their engines.

New noise cameras are going to be used on our roads to catch boy racers revving their engines. Noisy vehicles in quiet residential areas will be detected by the device and just like a speed camera it will record the number plate. Anyone who is caught breaking the noise limit can be fined.

The transport secretary said noise pollution makes the lives of people in communities across Britain an absolute misery and also has a serious impact on health. An initial trial has been commissioned and will take place later this year.

Consultants will produce a prototype camera that will automatically catch noisy drivers. There will be tests done at several sites in the next six months. They could be spread around the country in noise hotspots if the trial is successful. Motorcyclists who remove silencers from their motorbikes to make them louder could be caught. Also, those whose vehicles are noisy because they have been damaged, and those who rev their cars and motorcycle engines.

At the moment there is no formal noise limit for vehicles but informally police forces say that any noise over 90 decibels is regarded as a nuisance. Collecting evidence on vehicles that are too loud is difficult. Although police do have powers to crack down on vehicles that are too loud.

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