Do you think it’s outrageous for many over 75’s to lose their free TV licence?



Do you think it’s outrageous for many over 75’s to lose their free TV licence?

Only a week on from D Day anniversary where we celebrated veterans, many of them have now been given the news that they will have to pay for their TV licences.

The BBC plans to axe free TV licences for the over 75’s from 2020 it is a kick in the teeth for millions of pensioners. It will affect around 3.7 million Britons.

Pensioners who receive pension credit will get the licence free of charge. But many pensioners who are just above the pension credit cut are not financially in a position to afford the TV licence fee. Because they are probably worse off than those on pension credit

One gentleman called Fred who we spoke to said that being just above the pension credit is the worst place to be. Another person said we spoke to said what is it with all the elderly bashing at the moment. You would think we were criminals the way the government an media are portraying us. It is criminal to take away the only bit of company many old people have.

According to Melanie Onn, the change could affect more than three and a half thousand people in our town.

Many campaigns have begun to try and get the decision reversed.


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    • Dee , June 12, 2019 @ 7:43 am

      Leave it as it has been for years I say cut back on large wages if money is the problem pensioners deserve some entertainment for what ever years they have left if this happens will they be able to afford it yes they said they will
      Help those who can’t but we all know how hard it is not to get help when we need it I don’t believe we should have a tv licence put adverts on bbc I don’t care they are on all other channels anyway

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