Men still don’t pull their weight in the household chores.



Men still don’t pull their weight in household chores.

A study from Oxford University found that despite moves towards equality men will dodge housework and childcare and instead sit in front of the television.

From the diaries of 1,427 couples, it was found that couples spend about eight and a half hours together each day. But in that time men do nineteen minutes less housework and watch eighteen more minutes of television. The author Giacomo Vagni said when couples spend time together the men are more likely watching TV while the women do domestic chores.

Preparing dinner or doing domestic chores while your partner is watching TV could affect the perception of fairness and equality. Which could affect your partnership happiness and satisfaction.

Does your partner help around the house as much as you’d like him too?

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    • Lucy , June 13, 2019 @ 7:46 pm

      My other half will do chores when asked and he does them to the letter too… I once asked him to put the clothes in the tumble dryer which he did with no problems. When I returned from work I went to empty the contents of the dryer only to find they were still wet. I asked him why they were still wet and he replied “Well you never told me to turn the dryer on did you?!”

      I now have to ensure I leave specific instructions & sometimes illustrations for him otherwise I dread to think what I would come home to 😂

    • Jo , June 14, 2019 @ 8:23 pm

      😂 that’s really is what men do I have one of those! Write a list fine tune it and it gets done 😂

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