Mum fights fears and takes the GY10K by storm

“Running has saved my life because I felt so low at times.”

The fourth Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k is fast approaching on July 21st and entries are filling up fast.

People can sign up now at for just £17 or £15 for affiliated running club members.

Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k runner Pam Bendle, 52, from Cleethorpes shared her inspirational journey with us.

“I have struggled with serious mental health issues for a long time.

“At one low point I had to spend a year on the mental health ward because I was suffering from depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and self-harm.

“As a way of helping my mental health my sister encouraged me to start doing the Cleethorpes Parkrun.

“I told her there was no way I could run 5K and that I would struggle to even walk it.

“Finally I agreed and with the support of the tail-walker, Parkrun volunteers and my sister I walked the 5k Parkrun.

“It took me 58 minutes.”

“Eventually on my 51st Parkrun I managed to jog the whole way around; it was a huge achievement.

“While volunteering at one of the other Tape2Tape events one of the organisers Nicola planted the seed in my mind ‘Maybe you could run the Grimsby 10k yourself.’

“I entered for the 2018 Great Grimsby 10k although I was very skeptical I could do it.

“It took me almost two years to complete 5k without stopping and I only had eight weeks left till the 10k!

“I completed the 2018 Grimsby 10k in 1 hour and 36 minutes.

“It might seem slow to most people but that didn’t matter, it was my run and I was ecstatic.”

Pam added: “In 1953 my mum as a girl guide planted one of the cherry blossom trees at People’s Park for the Queens Coronation.

“My mum has passed away so it was special because her tree was at the 10k finish line and I felt like she was there watching me complete the race and I know she would be very proud.

“It was a long, hard journey for me struggling with my mental health and running the race showed me how far I had come.

“I raised £500 for the local mental health charity Gardener Hill Foundation from running the Grimsby 10k and would like to add to that this year.”

If you want to donate here is Pamela’s JustGiving page

Pam said: “For anyone struggling, just know that mental Health support is there; sometimes it’s just about being brave enough to ask for it.

“Running had saved my life because I felt so low at times.

“Everyone runs for different reasons but we all want each other to do the best they can.

“When others have belief in you it gives you that little bit of hope yourself.”

The 2019 Ørsted Great Grimsby 10K takes place on Sunday 21 July 2019 and starts at 10am outside Grimsby Town Hall.

The following stores will be opening early on the day at 7:30am to serve the public:
Greggs – Has current breakfast offers for all the public
Starbucks – Will have a table near BB’s. Tea or coffee with a muffin or cookie- £2.99
Costa Coffee – 10% off
BB’s – 20% off

To get offers for runners you must show your bib number.

There are limited places and entries are filling up fast so anyone who would like to run is encouraged to sign up at quickly. Runners can look forward to the race goodies which include a medal and a race t-shirt.

Last year’s Ørsted Great Grimsby 10K helped raise around £15,000 directly for the seven charities from race entries, fundraiser places and other initiatives.

Hundreds of volunteering opportunities are also created for local people making the Ørsted Great Grimsby 10k much more than a race. Volunteers can sign up at

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