Backlash over calorie counting question in the GCSE maths exam.



Backlash over calorie counting question in the maths GCSE exam.

A  question on calorie counting has led to claims that it was a trigger for those students who have eating disorders.

The question in the maths GCSE exam asked to calculate the calorific value of a banana and yogurt breakfast.

It was thought by some that the question raised concerns. Because of the age of the participants and the potential that they may have eating disorders.

The question said There are 84 calories in 100g of bananas. There are 87 calories in 100g of yogurt. Priti has 60g of banana and 150g of yogurt for breakfast. Work out the total number of calories in this breakfast.

One person said that her sister had walked out of the exam because of it. She said her 16-year-old sister is a recovering anorexic and she had to leave the exam because of the question.

Another student said it had triggered many bad memories for her and made her want to cry.

Pearson, the body behind the Edexcel exam has said the question is valid.

Should this question have been asked in the exam?


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