Labour MP Melanie Onn asks the Government how Suggitt’s Lane rail crossing can be closed without consultation

The level crossing was used by over 500 people a day but has been closed by Network Rail despite the impact on disabled local residents.

Labour’s Grimsby MP Melanie Onn questioned the Rail Minister Andrew Jones MP on the closure of the Suggitt’s Lane crossing in Cleethorpes in a Commons questions on transport last Thursday.

In September 2018 Network Rail confirmed in writing that there were no plans to close the crossing but just 3 months later the crossing was closed without consultation. In the debate on Thursday, the Grimsby MP asked if the Rail Minister could name any other publicly funded body that provides a service to over 500 people every day that could decide to close that service without any consultation whatsoever.

The minister’s response to this passed to buck to Network Rail, refused to interfere with the decision and simply stated that he has undertaken to meet with Network Rail to ensure that it is aware of the views of Cleethorpes residents and the Labour MP for Great Grimsby.

The Labour MP has previously spoken on this problem to dispute the lack of risk assessment in closing the crossing – “The risk is actually worse now that people with bicycles and people with mobility problems have to cross a bridge that is not really suitable for that.” National Rail have now displaced the risk claims to be the reason for the closure.

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