Two -thirds of the home is taken up by the woman.


Two-thirds of the home is taken up by the woman.

Women can claim a major territorial victory in the battle of the sexes. On average women’s belongings will take up twice as much space in the home than a man’s. With husbands and boyfriends having to store their stuff in the garden shed. One in seven men has only been granted one draw in the bedroom. With men on average having three draws. 18% of men had to resort to the garden shed for storage.

Women are also inclined to throw their partners belongings out before their own. And one in six owned up to secretly binning items that they thought were rubbish or clothes that they did not like on their partners.

One newlywed said that he has to keep all his clothes in the spare room because his wife’s clothes take all the room up in the bedroom. Another man said that he has three draws at home and his wife has the remaining 11.

Nearly 2,000 couples were quizzed and nearly 80% have rowed over storage space. A few women had even considered breaking up because their partner was too untidy.

The study by Anglian Home Improvements said It is probably time that we had a bit of a declutter.

Do your belongings take up much more space than your partners?



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