Cleethorpes officer’s plea to ‘Share the road’ and with consideration for all road users

Police Constable David Cave of Cleethorpes community policing team is appealing for drivers and cyclists to share the road with consideration to everyone following an incident between a driver and a cyclist yesterday on Grimsby Road, Humberston.

He said, “Yesterday a group of over 100 young cyclists were taking part in a national knife crime event called ‘Knives Down Bikes Up’ which aims to prevent lives being lost as a result of knife crime. Knife crime has blighted many areas across the country and whatever is done to raise awareness of the dangers of young people carrying knives should be applauded.  However, yesterday’s event did not go as the young organisers planned and caused a number of issues.  People reported cyclists riding dangerously and with no consideration for other road users.  This could easily have caused an injury or collision between the traffic on the road at the time and the cyclist.

“I was not aware of the ride being organised and would always encourage people to contact the police about a planned event so that the necessary safety checks and event planning can be put in place to ensure a safe passage for everyone involved.

“Yesterday’s event was disrupted during the ride when a motorist was seen to stop, get out of his car and push one young cyclist from his bike. The young boy was not seriously harmed but this is clearly not an acceptable response by the motorist, no matter how frustrated he was by the event.

This is one of a number of recent incidents in the Cleethorpes area where road users are not sharing the road in a safe and considerate way.

“We have an ongoing issue with young people riding mopeds in an unacceptable anti-social way.  Often not only endangering themselves, by not wearing helmets, but other road users and pedestrians.  Not to mention the sound of revving engines tearing up and down quiet residential streets.

“I don’t want to be the officer who has to knock on the door of a cyclist’s parents to tell them that their child has been seriously injured, or worse, as a result of riding a moped in this way.

“I have arranged to visit the local schools to talk to the pupils about road safety and would encourage parents to talk to their children too.  Preventing an accident is by far better than having to deal with the aftermath of one and the more people that reinforce this message to young people the better it is for everyone.”

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