Would you let your dog take up a seat on a train?



Would you let your dog take up a seat on a busy train?

BBC’s Emily Maitlis has been photographed working on her laptop on a GWR train with her pet whippet curled up on the seat beside her.

It has been implicated that this was a busy train and people were left standing in the aisle. But the photo showed an empty seat behind her. And why wouldn’t you say excuse me could you move your dog so that I can sit down? But would you want to sit in a seat in which a dog has had his bottom? Dogs even nice dogs are pretty revolting creatures all of them blow wind, most of them shed hair and most of them dribble and some of them roll in fox poo given the chance. Who on earth would want to sit on a train seat after a dog? Even if the dog is immaculately groomed.

Do you think it is acceptable to let your dog sit on a train seat?

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