Women are advised to think twice about where they live.



Women are advised to think twice about where they live.

Blood tests from 1,300 women found that two-thirds of women with a reserve of low eggs lived in areas exposed to high pollution from traffic fumes and industry. Women who live near a busy road may find themselves unable to have children sooner than other women.

It is now believed by experts that pollution speeds up aging in women, the same as smoking. Which means they run out of eggs faster. It could mean they are unable to have children if they put off trying until their late thirties or forties.

Tiny particles that are inhaled get into the bloodstream and allows them to damage the ovaries.

Professor La March from the University of Modena led the research said air pollution can be seen as a reproductive disadvantage. He suggests that women think twice about where they live.

Although this does not suggest a short term problem with women trying to get pregnant. It might indicate that women exposed to high levels of pollution may have a shorter opportunity to achieve a family according to Richard Anderson professor of clinical reproductive science.


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