Are you aware of how dangerous button batteries can be to children and toddlers?


Are you aware of how dangerous button batteries can be children and toddlers?

The Health and Safety Investigation Branch would like a  major safety campaign after a three-year-old little girl died after swallowing a 23mm battery.

The little girl was wrongly diagnosed with tonsilitis when she visited her GP and a hospital. It was not picked up that she had swallowed a battery according to the HSIB report.

After three days she was taken back to the hospital by ambulance but sadly died there. If a battery is swallowed by a child it can burn through the more delicate throat or stomach lining and cause death. If you think a child has swallowed one they should be taken to the hospital immediately.

The focus was not only on awareness by parents, but to look at what can be done before products reach homes. Also what clinical staff needs to be aware of to make the right diagnosis Keith Conradi the HSIB chief investigator said.


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