If you get fit in middle age it adds years to your life.


If you get fit in middle age it adds years to your life.

New research has suggested that if you do more exercise in middle age it extends your life no matter how active you have been before.

The study found people who did no exercise previously, and those who were previously fit both had dramatic cuts to their risk of dying early when they upped their activity.

The benefits were found by people who were in generally good health. And also people with medical conditions such as cancer or heart disease.

Nearly 15,000 British people between the ages of 40-79 were tracked by the study over eight years to see how their exercise levels changed. Then over the next 13 years they were monitored to see how this impacted on their health.

Those people who had started exercising over the eight-year period having previously done none, saw their risk of dying over the next 13 years fall by 24 percent Those who were active already but increased their levels of exercise the risk went down even further to 42 percent.

Researchers believe that this shows that it is never too late to get fit.

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