Horrifying so-called parenting technique.



Horrifying so-called parenting technique.

A shocking and horrifying online viral trend has shown parents going to extreme lengths to get their children to eat food.

The video shows that if their child refuses food, the parent tortures the child’s toy to make them eat.

On Twitter, a shocking video shows a parent using the technique whilst feeding a baby in a high chair. The baby appears visibly shaken after the teddy is repeatedly and violently thumped. When the baby has watched the teddy being beaten it then accepts the food.

More videos have been shown online with parents using the same technique. Parents are seen hitting their child’s favourite toy and then offering food to the child.

Surely parents are just training their children by fear, and children could develop genuine issues around food. It is hard to see how any parent could think this is a good method to get their child to eat.

The video has rightly received a heavy backlash from many worried parents.





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