Many children in North East Lincolnshire are being taught in oversized classes.


Many children in North East Lincolnshire are being taught in oversized classes.

According to figures from the Department of education 1,892 children in primary schools across North East Lincolnshire were being taught in classes of more than 30 pupils in January this year.

There were 383 more primary pupils in large classes this January compared to January 2018. In North East Lincolnshire it means that one in seven primary school children are now being taught in a large class.

The proportion of primary school pupils in larger classes is now at its highest since 2018. The legislation which limits the class size to 30 pupils or less only applies to key stage 1.

Although legislation aims to prevent an infant class from exceeding 30 pupils. There can be exceptions made for some pupils. Like those pupils with special needs, or those admitted on appeal or twins and those children of service personnel or those where there may be no places at schools nearby.

The secretary of the National Education Union believes that oversized classes are bad for the education of children and we need to address it urgently.

The Department of Education said Although we have more children in our schools than ever before our education system is world class and continues to rise to the challenge.

There have been around 920,000 school places created since 2010 and we are on track to create one million by 2020. This government is ensuring that every child benefits from the education they deserve.

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