Middle aged Britons urged to ditch TV box sets and get on the high street.



Middle-aged Britons urged to ditch TV box sets and get on the high street.

The high street minister has pleaded for middle-aged Britons to stop binging on box sets and swap them for trips to the town centre.

A survey from Generation X found that 45-54-year-olds are less likely than the young or elderly to spend any time in town.

Jake Berry the high street minister knows that the pressure of raising a family and working leaves many families with very little time to take a trip into town.

But he has suggested that those in their 40s and 50s could meet friends for coffee or lunch and help local businesses.

Last year thousands of stores shut and it is predicted that 175,000 jobs will disappear from the high street this year if the turmoil continues.

He said we have to get out there if we truly care about our high streets.

It was found in the survey that some of the main complaints about high streets were problems with parking, poor selection of shops and dirty streets.

Some of the top priorities were grocers, banks, post offices, and restaurants, also important were good mobile signal and green space.

How often do you visit our local town?


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