New Safeguarding Arrangements – Together for All Conference

Partners from the Council and local education providers across North East Lincolnshire will come together tomorrow at a joint conference to acknowledge new safeguarding laws and the Together for All pledge.

The North East Lincolnshire Local Safeguarding Children Partnership  (NEL SCP), which replaces the Local Safeguarding Children Board, published its Local Safeguarding Arrangements Plan For Children and Young People on the 29th of June and the conference provides an opportunity for local attendees  to be informed and help shape how working together with local partners and agencies will aim to improve practice and outcomes for children.

Councillor Ian Lindley, portfolio holder for children, education and young people, said: “The changes to the law mean that children’s safeguarding is now not just the responsibility of the Council, but also the Clinical Commissioning Group and the Police.

“This means that we have a shared responsibility to work together, for the benefit of children, young people and families in our area.

“A small number of other areas of the UK were ‘early adopters’ of this new way of working, and we have looked at their experiences and some of the opportunities and challenges that they faced. We have developed a good partnership with Police and CCG, in addition to wider safeguarding partners in order to mobilise these new arrangements.”

The Conference also sees the launch of the Education Together for All pledge which has been developed by a number of  schools and colleges that came together to form a new Education and Skills Board for North East Lincolnshire.

The pledge is a collaborative vision for education and skills in North East Lincolnshire.

Steve Kay, Director of Children & Family Services said: “The board will collaborate on key issues and work across the different phases in education for the benefit of all learners.

“The vision is to develop a place where all share responsibility for creating a sense of local pride, hope and ambition for our future.”

Mark Knapton, Chief Executive Officer of Healing Multi-Academy Trust, said: “There are many fantastic opportunities for young people in our local area.  We want to be able to share some of the really good practice and celebrate and promote what is working well.

“However, the Together for All pledge is about making sure we also work together for those young people in our communities who need help, support and guidance.

“This conference is providing a real opportunity for a wide variety of stakeholders and agencies to come together to understand the work we all do.  This will hopefully enable us to work cohesively for the benefit of every young person in North East Lincolnshire.  It is about us all working Together for All”.

In addition a number of national key note speakers will be attending the conference, including:

Dr Warren Larkin talking about the impact of adverse childhood experiences

Anton Florek from the Staff College presenting the Together for All pledge

Saleem Tariq OBE talking about restorative system improvement in Social care

Mark Owers, Government advisor talking on Children in Care.

Further information on the new Local Safeguarding Arrangements Plan can be found at

Further information on the together for all pledge can be found at

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