Can you believe it! disabled man refused a seat because a dog was sat on it.



Can you believe it! Disabled man refused a seat because a dog was sat on it.

After enjoying Armed Forces Weekend in Cleethorpes, a couple spotted their friends at Kingsway Kiosk. The cafe was very busy which left them without seats. The lady went to look for seats for her husband who has Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis, or DSH it causes bone spurs due to the body calcifying tissues.

If her husband stands a long time it can be painful, therefore he has to rest every now and then.

The lady spotted a chair which had a small dog sitting on it. But when she approached the couple they said “No” they needed the chair for the dog because the floor would be to hot for it to lie on.

She felt the ground and said it was warm but would not be unbearable. She is shocked that someone would refuse to give up their chair to a disabled pensioner because of a dog.

When she spoke to the owner’s later they said they would have had the dog removed from the chair.







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