East Marsh United are urging homeowners to have their water tested.



East Marsh United are urging homeowners to have their water checked.

In homes around the East Marsh area dangerous amounts of lead have been found in the drinking water. East Marsh United are of the opinion that thousands of households in Grimsby could have the same problem.

One of their members had their water tested a few years ago, and got a call from Anglian Water to tell her to stop drinking it immediately as there was dangerous amounts of lead in it. Although Anglian Water replaced her pipes there may be other homes who’s tap water is being fetched in by lead pipes.

They have also had contact with another organisation who carried out a recent test in one of their properties which found 40mcg per litre of lead in one property.

In a report last year The World Health Organisation says that there are no safe levels of lead in the body. It can lead to an increase in dementia,ADHD and anti social behaviour.

A lot of the houses on East Marsh are 115 years old and would have all had lead piping unless replaced by the owner. East Marsh United would like all residents to get their water tested, because it can cause a host of serious problems.


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