Why doesn’t anybody reply to RSVP anymore?



Why doesn’t anybody reply to RSVP anymore?

Young children get so excited about planning their birthday party. They love sending the invitations out to all their friends.

But one mother sent out 10 invitations with please RSVP and she didn’t receive one reply. So she could only guess at how much food or party bags she would need.

When she mentioned to friends that she was shocked and annoyed she learned she was not the only one that this happens to.

A failure to respond to invitations now seems to be the norm, rather than the exception.

One of her friends who had thrown a party for her daughter invited  30 children, she hired a hall a DJ and made food and but only three children turned up. Because none of them had replied she assumed they were all coming.

Not replying to invitations also happens when people organise weddings, anniversary parties, christenings, and other celebrations.

It has never been easier to reply to an invitation you only have to quickly text “ No I am sorry but I can’t make it “ or “Thanks I’d love to come.” it can seem like the easier it is to keep in touch the less we do.

Occasionally people do genuinely forget which is human nature. But this seems to be collective amnesia.

Surely replying to invitations is a social nicety just like saying please or thank you.

Does it annoy you when people don’t reply to your invitations?

Do you always make a point of sending a reply to any invitations you may receive or are you guilty of not replying?


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