Do you exaggerate to your friends about how much you recycle?



35 percent of people lie about how much they recycle.

If your friends boast about how much they recycle and use green credentials they could be talking rubbish. Up to nine out of ten people say they recycle but only half actually do.

In a survey, 87 percent of people claimed that they had recycled in the last seven days but only 52 percent had really recycled.

And in the previous week, sixty percent said that they had travelled by bike instead of a car or public transport in the previous week. But only 15 percent had actually done so.

Research firm Decision Technology carried out the survey on 2,497 UK adults. A spokesman said that people’s ethical behaviour has suggested that consumers are often more Pinocchio than Attenborough.

It could be because of social boasting where people exaggerate their behaviour, to enable them to conform to social expectations.

Because we are social creatures we care about what people think about us.

Do you often find yourself exaggerating how much you recycle?

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