Grimsby 501 Darts Summer League

Monday 8th July 2019 saw only 16 players take to the oche as Laura Dwyer Stewart May and Mark Braithwaite was not in attendance.

One of the first games of the night was the current leader Hayden Newbegin VS 3rd place Callum Jewitt.

Callum beat Hayden 4-0 taking Hayden 100% win rate off him

Callum also beat 4th place Graham Field 4-2 in his 2nd game.

John riches with Hayden Newbegin losing had a great chance to close the gap on Hayden and successfully did so by beating ash newbegin and Daz Mawer, Johnalso hit the new highest checkout of 138 against Daz Mawer.

Gary Smith pictured above is starting to find his feet in the league now and playing some good darts although results may say otherwise as Gary lost to Daz mawer Stu Cox and Daniel Keaney.

Dan Keaney is now marching up the league and also playing fantastic darts every week he also beat Lee Burch and Jordan Waller Keaney is also joint 180 hitter with Daz mawer who both got 1 each again tonight.

Tony Newbegin lost to Ash Newbegin  in a early game however won his 2nd game again David East. Dave also lost to Hayden Newbegin in a game Hayden hit a 15 dart leg however Dave did pick up 2 points as he went on to beat Alicia Briggs later in the night.

Full results

Alicia Briggs 1-4 Dave East

Callum Jewitt 4-0 Hayden Newbegin

Daniel Keaney 4-2 Jordan Waller

Daz Mawer 4-2 Gary Smith

Gary Smith 1-4 Daniel Keaney

Gary Smith 1-4 Stuart Cox

Graham Field 2-4 Callum Jewitt

Graham Field 4-1 Lee Burch

Graham Field 4-0 Alicia Briggs

Hayden Newbegin 4-0 David East

John Riches 4-0 Ash Newbegin

John Riches 4-1 Daz Mawer

Ken Smith 4-1 Stuart Cox

Ken Smith 2-4 Daz Mawer

Lee Burch 1-4 Daniel Keaney

Tony Newbegin 1-4 Ash Newbegin

Tony Newbegin 4-1 David East


  1. Hayden Newbegin 42
  2. John Riches  41
  3. Callum Jewitt  36
  4. Daniel Keaney  33
  5. Graham Field  32
  6. Daz Mawer  25
  7. Mark Braithwaite  24
  8. Ash Newbegin 23
  9. Ken Smith  20
  10. Tony Newbegin  18
  11. Dave East  17
  12. Lee Burch  13
  13. Stewart May  12
  14. Stuart Cox   11
  15. Jordan Waller  10
  16. Gary Smith   9
  17. Laura Dwyer  7
  18. Alicia Briggs 5

Most 180s

Is tied

Daz mawer and Daniel Keaney hitting 5 each in a total of 24 overall 180s

Highest checkout

John riches 138 hit 8/7/19

Winter league is now full 32 players will be taking to the oche for the new winter league season which starts on 7th October 2019 and runs through till June 2020.

Our league is kindly sponsored by Bobbie’s Prize Bingo Grimsby which is venued at the scout hut hall Carr lane on a Saturday and Sunday evening from 7pm. We thank all people involved at bobbie’s prize bingo for their fantastic support and sponsorship.

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