Amazon called sexist after saying that only men can assemble trampoline.



Amazon called sexist after saying only men can assemble trampoline.

In a description of the 40in trampoline which sells for £95, it says that installing the elastic rope is very tricky. It is not advised for a woman or a child to install alone. Additional help from a man is preferred. Newman the vendor who markets the trampoline also says the help of a strong man is recommended for the 48in version.

One woman wrote “I was so excited to ask a man to help me put this together because I’m so frail and weak. But my 76-year-old landlord said he is frail and weak too. How will I ever survive in this world”

Newman said that installing the trampoline is simple. But the elasticity of the rope is very good and this can make it a bit tricky. When installing elastic cord parts it needs some strength.

Are men better at DIY?

Who does all the DIY in your house?

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