A warning from the RSPCA as a dog dies from heatstroke after a walk.



A warning from the RSPCA as a dog dies from heatstroke after a walk.

The RSPCA want to spread awareness by sharing a difficult story so that other dogs do not suffer in the same way. The RSPCA had a call about a dog who had died from heatstroke. Even though it was otherwise healthy. Unfortunately, the owners did not heed the warning about the high temperatures this week.

They took the dog for a walk the same as any other day but very sadly the dog died of heatstroke after going for a walk. The temperature was 21 degrees which is only about 70 so it wasn’t that hot. The temperatures this week have been at record highs and dog owners have been repeatedly advised not to take their dogs for walks unnecessarily.

A spokesman said despite all the warnings we still see dogs being walked on the school run or as soon as you get home from work. The RSPCA understands the crucial nature of walking your dog but please bear in mind that walking a dog in high temperatures can cause serious and irreversible damage and in some cases even death. Dogs can not handle high heat and humidity. You need to keep this in mind with dogs of all ages, a healthy puppy is at just as much risk from heatstroke as an elderly dog.

Be on the lookout for signs of heatstroke before its too late.

Warning signs of heatstroke are:

Excessive panting.

Staggering while walking.


High body temperature.

A tongue that is dark or bright red

Sticky or dry gums.

Bloody diarrhea or stool.


You need to be aware of these signs and don’t ignore the signs thinking your dog will push through it. If you see any of these signs contact your vet immediately. Get your dog to a cool spot and offer them water. Try to get them cooled down quickly.

You need to let your dog outside to do their business obviously. But it is not necessary to engage them in physical exercise on a hot day.

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