It only takes 10 seconds for a keyless car to be stolen.


It only takes 10 seconds for a keyless car to be stolen.

A study has shown that high- tech keyless cars that may sell for more than £50,000 pounds can be stolen in just 10 seconds. Police are of the belief that weaknesses in the security systems are contributing to a rise in car theft. Because criminals can drive away without having to pick a lock or break a window.

Figures are showing that more than 300 cars a day are stolen a jump of 9 percent from the previous year. What Car tested seven models to see how secure they were they found an Audi TT RS could be taken in 10 seconds, a DS 3 cross back luxury 4×4 from Citroen could be opened in five seconds and started in another five seconds. A BMW X3 a new Ford Fiesta and a Mercedes Benz A-class could all be stolen in a minute.

The crime commissioner for West Midland police has accused car manufacturers of ignoring weaknesses in keyless entry systems for years. The signal carried out by the fob can only travel a few yards but thieves are using relay devices to extend its range. A number of manufacturers have tried to stop this by including motion sensors in key fobs which go to sleep and shut off the signal if not used for a while.  It was found that when the fob was deactivated in this way the TTX3, Fiesta, and A-class foiled thieves.

Car manufacturers say that their vehicles are more secure than ever. The parent company of Citroen PSA group says that they have created a dedicated division to analyse and treat potential weaknesses of vehicle security.


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