People are obsessed with perfect pets.


People are obsessed with perfect pets.

TV presenter Kate Quilton believes that rescue dogs are being overlooked because most people are obsessed with the perfect pet. Rescue dogs are being left behind in favour of animals who look cool online. In the Instagram age, people want aesthetically perfect dogs.

When people decide to get a dog the first thought they have is not we will look in the local rescue centre. Miss Quilton said that while some pets have not been rehomed, it does not mean people will not find an aesthetically pleasing dog in a rescue centre. What is not common knowledge is that it is possible to find a breed of dog in a shelter that will really fit your lifestyle. You can find pedigree dogs and puppies in rescue centres she believes that there is a perfect dog out there for everyone.

She asks everyone on the series of Animal Rescue Live to help rehome animals and to donate money to help support the work shelters do. Many of the UK shelters are struggling to cope with 250,000 animals going into UK rescue centres every year.

The Animal Rescue Live Supervet special is on every night this week on channel 4 at 8 pm.

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      And no link or info where to adopt a dog 🙁

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