MP’s want drivers banned from all phone use including hands-free.



MP’s want drivers banned from all phone use including hands-free.

The Commons transport committee believes that the current law gives a misleading impression that hands-free, while driving is safe.  The risk of crashing is the same when using technology such as car speakerphones or Bluetooth headsets.

MP’s are demanding that ministers look at extending the current legislation, which at the moment only bans the use of handheld phones when driving. They would also like the government to consider increasing the punishment for drivers using mobile phones, also to recruit more traffic officers or roadside cameras to catch offenders. They acknowledged that there would be a lot of challenges to enforcing the offence but believe that it is not a reason to not do it. The proposals will now be examined by The Department for Transport.

The RAC’s head pointed out How would companies interact with their staff especially if they were doing deliveries, and how would taxi companies work? and how would you enforce it without the technology that would be able to pick up the call taking place?

Figures have shown that the number of people dying in crashes that have involved a driver using a mobile phone has continued to rise. Experts told the committee that a driver using a phone either hand-held or hands-free is four times more likely to crash.

It has been a criminal offence to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving since 2013 and motorists can be punished for making phone calls, browsing the internet, or sending text messages with their mobiles in their hands. At the moment the offence carries a fixed penalty notice of £200 and six penalty points. But it does not apply if drivers are using their phone in hands-free mode.

What is your opinion do you think hand-free calls in the car should also be banned?


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