Do you think bosses should allow pet bereavement leave.


Do you think bosses should allow pet bereavement leave?

A teenager has said that she was sacked from her job after taking a day off when her dog died. She was devastated when her 14-year-old dog passed away last weekend. She rang her work to say she couldn’t come in and told managers she was so distressed she was physically sick. But they told her she would face disciplinary action. She claims she was sent a number of nasty messages and told she had to cover her shift. She was fired and left unemployed. She is now campaigning for employees to be offered bereavement leave when a pet dies. she has started an online petition which had already reached 6,000 signatures and received support from other pet owners one said my dogs are my children after she lost one she says the grief was unbearable but she luckily had an understanding boss who showed compassion and let her take some time off.

Acas the arbitration service says that bereaved may need to take time off unexpectedly or else their work performance could be impacted. However, there is no specific guidance for staff who suffer the loss of a pet.

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