The loos that will soak randy couples.


The loos that will soak randy couples.

Councilors in a Welsh seaside town have acted on the saying that couples getting amorous in public need to take a cold shower. Those who have sex in their new public toilets will get just that. The new high-tech facilities will be fitted with sensors and will douse the users in fine jets of water if they detect any violent movement. They will also throw open the doors and sound a high pitched alarm. The toilets will also be fitted with weight-sensitive floors which will ensure that only one person is using the cubicle. The £170,000 toilets will also trigger the water jets if smoking is detected, and the walls and floors will be graffiti resistant.

There have been a few questions raised about how the technology will work in particular the weight-sensitive floors. At least one person raised the question of it being the potential for cruel humiliation for users of the facility.

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