Changes heading for Cleethorpes North Prom!

Exciting changes are planned for Cleethorpes North Prom

Cllr John Fenty explains proposed plans for the North Promenade Cleethorpes In conjunction with wider works in the resort, the area has been awarded a grant from the Coastal Communities Fund specifically to improve the arts and culture offer, with a twist. It will deliver a sculpture larger in height than the Angel of the North, dynamic swirling illuminations, funky fitness street furniture, and the longest outdoor contemporary visual gallery in the UK. John said: “Art can be controversial. Did you know that the Angel of the North was strongly opposed, but now is a much loved landmark? The objective of the overall project is to drive footfall along the North Prom which will have a positive impact on businesses and health and wellbeing. I would like to thank CoastNEL and their North Prom group for the major contribution to this project. The four new public art projects will be centred around Cleethorpes’ stunning seascape and miles of golden sands, encouraging activity and events, relaxation and contemplation, all in equal measure. Public art can be marmite – love it or hate it, it’s a talking point. If The White Palm lures you down the North Prom don’t forget to buy a stick of rock, or an ice cream, then it’s job done!”

The White Palm

The White Palm has been designed by Wolfgang Weileder as a striking 22m (72ft) tall white artificial palm tree and black paving that reflects its shadow at noon. The shadow underneath the White Palm will be partly made from recycled, non-organic material collected from Cleethorpes’ beaches. At night, The White Palm will be illuminated by spotlights. Situated at the far end of the North Promenade, the sculpture will be positioned next to the area of the Humber that covers a petrified forest. Whilst being a nod to the past, it is also a warning for the future: if climate warming continues, palm trees might become a common sight on our coastline.

“The plans are an exciting and unique development for Cleethorpes which also represent a leap forward in terms of highlighting the importance of arts and culture to regeneration”

Charlotte Bowen – Chair, CultureWorks, North East Lincolnshire’s Culture Consortium

“The professional team has done a fabulous job on the plans to transform the North Prom. The different elements will not just be something we see in passing, they will engage our thoughts, and our emotions, so that a healthy walk along the Prom becomes an experience. ”

Vicky Hartung, Public Art Steering Group

Longest contemporary visual gallery in the UK

The Long Gallery project will create one of the longest contemporary visual art shows in the country. Around 16 artists will be assigned a property to design artwork for as many of the shutters along the prom as possible. There’s around 750m2 of shutters currently in use on the prom. The transformation to colourful, contemporary works of art will complement the illuminations along the North Prom as you are drawn towards the White Palm. The first shutters to receive the exciting treatment will be those at Brown’s Café.

“We are very happy to hear that we could be getting such a great attraction along the North Promenade. We feel that this is exactly what we need along here. We’re sure that it will bring many holiday makers and day trippers to Cleethorpes and the businesses along the prom will benefit from it. ”

Keely Sheeran, business owner on North Prom

“This piece of work gives a boost to the arts and culture sector, who have worked with local businesses from the North Prom, the wider resort, the local authority and CoastNEL to bring something different. Creating a place for both residents and visitors, to explore and enjoy. ”

Julia Thompson, Chair of CoastNEL


Funky fitness street furniture

Innovative new street furniture, created by award winning design duo Freshwest, will be installed along the North Prom to provide an area for fitness or to just relax on while taking in the stunning views over the Humber. The funky furniture doubles up as fitness equipment and will stretch 800m (half a mile) along the North Prom with flag markers on the route. Throughout its length, there will be stops for pull ups, sit ups and push ups to help encourage healthy lifestyles, or just for plain relaxation. It’s easy to imagine some competitive endurance events being held along the North Prom at certain times of the year.


Dynamic swirling illuminations

“Luminations” is an an artwork created in light by artist, Esther Rolinson, which will run along the North Promenade. Two dynamic, animated lines of LED lights will be attached to existing lamp posts on the sea front. The lines of lights will run over and around each other and light movements will chase through them through programmed animation. The overall physical appearance will be elegant and simple, reflecting the traditional seaside lighting.

To find out more about these proposals, the artists and their visions, visit www.


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    Barry , August 22, 2019 @ 9:59 am

    Fantastic ideas but I think it’s wasted on Cleethorpes because it will be trashed and ruined by the low life scummy little thugs that live in the area. In an ideal world it would be fantastic but this is the real world and this is Cleethorpes. Good luck.

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