Owner of Cleethorpes paddling pool may start charging after disgusting mess left by visitors.


Owner of Cleethorpes paddling pool may start charging after the disgusting mess left by visitors

After only one season the owner of Cleethorpes paddling pool and sandpit has said he may have to start charging people to use them to help cover maintenance costs. He is considering this after having to clear up after the disgusting mess left by visitors.

There has been human faeces left in the sandpit, dirty nappies and adult underwear blocking toilet pipes.  Up until now the sandpit, play area, and paddling pool have been free to use. But after only a few weeks of clearing up the mess left by visitors he is considering an entry fee of 50p or £1 to use the facilities. The money collected will contribute to the cost of maintenance and cleanliness. He added that they are checked at 10 am before they open but an hour later there is rubbish everywhere.

It is concerning that people do not use the bins or take their rubbish with them. It is such a shame because it is only 0.5 percent of the people that come who spoil it for everyone else. It is believed that local Lifestyle kids visit and clean up, and also a woman brings her daughter at weekends and she enjoys going around and cleaning and has fun doing it. But they should not be having to do that.

There are two 220 litre bins which the council clear every morning so there is no excuse.  Most of us are responsible and have always enjoyed taking our children and grandchildren to the paddling pool and sandpit how hard is it to put your litter in the bin or take it home with you?

What makes people think they can just leave their litter behind it is disgusting and spoils it for the majority of responsible people. It is believed that the owner has had obscenities sent to him so has had to change his profile. Some people seem to think that he doesn’t care or it is his responsibility to pick up the mess. It is not it is the responsibility of everyone who uses it to dispose of our litter properly either in the bins provided or to take it home with us.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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