Briton’s seem to have fallen out of love with Westies.


Briton’s seem to have fallen out of love with Westies.

Westies may win at Crufts and often advertise dog food and shortbread but the popularity in Westland Highland Terriers in Britain has seen a massive decline. Westie owners have fallen by three quarters in a decade according to figures.

Social media’s obsession with breeds that are flat-faced such as the pug and the French bulldog are being blamed. According to research the average age of Westies taken to the vets in 2016 was 7.8 years which suggests an ageing population with very few new puppies entering the population compared with other breeds.

At the moment the nation are in love with flat-faced breeds and breeds such as the West Highland white terrier and Cavalier King Charles have fallen sharply out of favor. The study was done using Vetcompass data and was based on vet records of just over 6,600 Westies in 2016.

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    • Rob Richardson , September 14, 2019 @ 9:21 am

      THE best little dogs bar far. Pippa my 7 year old bitch is clever, super friendly, protective and great company. The rise of these designer poodle hybrids and pug ugly pugs have taken over so it’s not just Westies.

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