Great Grimsby Prospective Candidate Christopher Barker challenges Melanie Onn

Great Grimsby Prospective Candidate Christopher Barker challenges Melanie Onn

Christopher Barker has been announced as the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in Great Grimsby.

Speaking after his selection, Christopher spoke of his dismay at our politicians’ actions in frustrating the will of the nation.


Commenting on his selection as prospective candidate, Christopher said:

“I was delighted to be invited back to the region where I stood as a candidate in the recent European elections, as Grimsby’s prospective Brexit Party MP.  If elected, I will bring honesty, common sense, and respect for the boss – which is the voters of Grimsby.

“Grimsby is a special town with a rich history of democratic responsibility pre-dating Magna Carta.  It was built on trade and it led in fishing.  All three have been denied by the EU over just four short decades, with devastating consequences for the people of Grimsby.

“We shouldn’t have to be fighting this battle.  Grimsby voted by an overwhelming 71% to leave the EU in order that it could reclaim its fishing rights, rebuild jobs by attracting trade back to the port, reduce its cost of living, and remove foreign control over our laws.

“Grimsby has been badly let down by our Parliament, which has become weakened by a culture of career politicians.  It’s time now for us to put the Great back into Grimsby, and to change politics for good.”

“Labour has served up some good MPs here over the years – but Labour is no longer working for Grimsby.  Now, Melanie Onn is frustrating the clean break from Brussels that Grimsby so needs – simply because she still wants to stay in the EU.  This attitude is on the wrong side of the people of Grimsby, and it’s on the wrong side of history too.“For two years now, Labour have claimed they want a General Election.  34 times this year in Parliament, Jeremy Corbyn has demanded an imminent election.  And now that the weakened Tory party is asking for one, Labour bottles it!“And the Tories are trying to fudge Brexit by locking us under the permanent economic and political control of the EU, with the withdrawal treaty that they’re trying to pass off as Brexit.

“To regenerate Grimsby, we need two things.  We must genuinely leave the EU – not Boris’s bogus Brexit – so we regain control of our trade, our fishing rights and our laws.  And we must invest properly in our regions, which is what the Brexit dividend from our clean break and our saving from scrapping the daft HS2 rail project enable us to do.

“That’s what the Brexit Party will do; it’s precisely what Grimsby needs; and it’s what neither Labour not the Tories have the will or the means to do.

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    • Grace , September 16, 2019 @ 1:11 pm

      Looking forward to having you as Grimsby’s next MP

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