Was a conwoman who fiddled housing benefits on a home in Cleethorpes she then boasted on Facebook that she was running a property business in Spain.

She claimed British disability benefits for almost a decade after moving to Spain. She was caught out after posting pictures of her wedding to a property developer on social media.

It also came to light that she was claiming housing benefit for two houses in Cleethorpes owned by her husband one in Cleethorpes and one in Alicante. While she was living with him in Spain.

She claimed a total of £46,867 in disability and housing benefits and employment support allowance between 2007 and 2016.

Between 2007-2016 a total of £46,867 in disability, housing benefits, and support allowance was claimed by her.

She admitted eight counts of benefit fraud and was given a six month suspended prison sentence.


Jacqueline Tolley

£40,000 in benefits were claimed by Jaqueline Tolley of STt Marys Avenue Barnetby her husband had an affair and left the home but then returned.

She admitted three fraud offences. She failed to notify authorities of her change in circumstances. She continued to claim housing benefits, employment benefits and council rebates.

She is trying to repay the money and was given a 15 month suspended sentence and a six-month curfew from 7 pm to 7 am.


Andrew Foster.

Had been caught before after fiddling a previous claim while he was secretly working. He would say he could not attend dole appointments because he was ill or his car had broken down but he was working secretly.

Foster was overpaid by £6,118 in jobseekers allowance and £712 in housing benefit, which was a total of £6,830. He was jailed at Grimsby Magistrates court for seven months.


Clare Bilton

She kept quiet that a child was in care Claire Bilton of Scunthorpe admitted to failing to disclose information to the tax authorities between April 2013 and April last year. she failed to disclose that one of her children had been taken into care in October 2010

She had wrongly received £13,819 in tax credits for that child. She was given eight days rehabilitation and was ordered to pay £100 costs and a Government-imposed £85 victims surcharge.

Laura Spencer

Kept quiet that she was living back with a boyfriend who had a whole in his brain after being attacked with an axe. Laura Spencer from Naseby Grove, Grimsby admitted to two offences of failing to notify a change in circumstances.

Which affected her benefit between December 2015-and April last year. It is believed she did it out of desperation. She received a six-month community order with supervision and eight days of rehabilitation. she was ordered to pay £85 costs and A Government imposed victims surcharge.

She had fiddled more than £18,200 in false benefit payments.