Is this a step too far?


Is this a step too far?

NHS nursery staff have been warned not to refer to boys and girls they have been told that gendered language can lead to violence or murder. It is part of a pilot project started in Glasgow and Clyde and is aimed at creating gender-friendly nurseries.

The nursery staff are trained in matters that may lead to gender stereotypes, which include how to talk to children and how to avoid unintentional segregation. In the training attitudes and language will be explored and how they are part of a sliding scale of violence that could result in physical violence and murder. In the NHS guidance, it suggests that staff consider phases such as Good morning boys and girls, and make it clear to visitors that no distinctions are made re boys and girls when addressing them. It also suggests. that staff takes issue if children or visitors say something that is not gender friendly.

Piers Shepherd of the Family Education Trust criticised the move and said ” that parts of this have a very authoritarian tone such as challenging parents if they use the wrong terms. And saying about violence ending in murder is very extreme.

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