Pop-up theatre festival starts today in Market Place

Doncaster’s first pop-up theatre festival has arrived in the Market Place. It is also said to be the world’s first pop-up theatre!

Called ‘Roundabout’, the pop-up theatre is here from today until Sunday. Organised by Cast, the venue opposite the Central Library. It aims to bring a wide variety of cultural events to the town.

Happenings at ‘Roundabout’ began at 9am today with a ‘Creativity and Commerce’ event. This aimed to debunk the accusation of Doncaster being a ‘cultural desert’. Other happenings over the next 4 days include premieres of some new plays, music, comedy, drag, story-telling, and burlesque….plus more!

Tickets for the different performances and happenings are available via the Visit Doncaster website

Image: Visit Doncaster

Mary Vickers moved to North East Lincolnshire in 2010, from the Wiltshire/Hampshire border, to become Urban and Industrial Chaplain NELincs. Made redundant in 2017, she's maintained many of her connections within the business, faith, and other local communities. She's also decided to stay here rather than return to either the south or her husband's native Yorkshire, so that she can continue to enjoy and help promote the positives of NELincs.

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