Grimsby man who changed his name to Something Long and complicated in court on firearms charges.


A former Grimsby man who changed his name to Something Long and Complicated has appeared in court on firearms charges. He officially changed his name and is known as Something by his friends.

He was caught with an imitation gun in St Pancras Square Library in London on February 16th this year. Police arrested him the same day and he is detained currently in hospital. He is from Grimsby originally and changed his name from William Wood in 2007. he now lives in Rotherfield Street, Islington.

It is believed he accused Facebook of robbing his online identity by suspending his account after he changed his name because they did not believe it was his real name. He appeared in court last week wearing a black bathrobe flanked by two hospital workers. He admitted possession of an imitation firearm in a public place. The sentencing was adjourned till next month pending psychiatric reports.

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