Britain votes for its favourite catchphrase.


Britain votes for its favourite catchphrase.

I don’t believe it! Victor Meldrew’s favourite saying has been voted our favourite catchphrase. adults on average use three catchphrases a day, ideally ones with four words that they have heard at least four times. According to the survey of 2,000 adults by Onepoll the phases must be clever, funny, and easy to say.

The saying I don’t believe it! from the BBC sitcom, One Foot In The Grave Expresses exasperation, resignation and fatalistic humour that will be familiar with many people’s experiences according to Tony Thorne from King’s College London.

Here are the top 10 one-liners.  Is your favourite among them?

  1. I don’t Believe it! Victor Meldrew /One Foot In The Grave.
  2. Simples Compare The Market.
  3. Don’t Panic! Lance Corporal Jones/Dad’s Army.
  4. Lovely Jubbly Dl boy/Only Fools and Horses.
  5. I have a cunning plan! Tony Robinson/Black Adder.
  6. To me, to you Chuckle Brothers.
  7. I’ll be back Arnold Schwarzenegger/Terminator 2.
  8. Nice to see you to see you nice. Bruce Forsyth
  9.  Only me! Harry Enfield.
  10. Rodney you Plonker! Del Boy/ Only Fools and Horses.




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