Rotherham Introduces ‘Safe Places’ and Autism Alert Cards

Rotherham Introduces ‘Safe Places’ and Autism Alert Cards

People living with mental health conditions and autism now have access to two new initiatives

which are designed to make navigating social and stressful situations easier.

Thanks to partners South Yorkshire Police, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) and the National Autistic Society,

Rotherham will be the first South Yorkshire town to introduce

autism alert cards and is also joining the national safe places network.

Autism Alert cards are free and credit card sized, the new card now in circulation is to enable police and other emergency services workers

to be able to communicate with autistic residents more effectively.

This helps those on the autism spectrum to feel more comfortable in what could potentially be an incredibly stressful or frightening situation.

When applying, you provide details about your sensory experiences, interests and communication needs.

If you then present the card, emergency workers have this information readily available,

enabling them to provide additional understanding,

communicate effectively and avoid any misunderstandings.

Anyone with a formal autism diagnosis can apply for an autism alert card.

These can be ordered by contacting your local National Autistic Society branch via this link, or email South Yorkshire Police at:

[email protected].







This comes as Rotherham joins the national safe places network, introducing ‘safe places’ across the town.

The nationally recognised logo will be popping up across the borough as libraries, cafes, shops and leisure centres join the scheme.

If you feel overwhelmed, scared or worried when you are out and about in the community,

you can visit an identifiable safe place to access the right support.

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