Will Labour Party Candidate and ‘Remainer’ Nic Dakin get your vote?

Ahead of a potential General Election, Scunthorpe MP Nic Dakin has been elected to represent Scunthorpe once again. He has represented the region for almost a decade already.

His strong political background over the years has added to the Labour party’s success winning candidates in the Scunthorpe area.

However, the region is a firm stronghold for ‘Leavers’ with almost three-quarters of voters opting to leave the E.U, which could potentially see Labour lined up to take a battering in the polls.

This comes shortly after Mr Dakin’s slightly awkward moments on the airwaves earlier this week.

As a guest on TalkRadio, the ‘Remain’ MP Nic Dakin’s was asked to comment on whether by time and time again voting against the withdrawal agreements, he had therefore ultimately voted for a no deal exit from the E.U.

Listeners tuning in heard how this seemed to have Mr Dakin tied up in knots as he did not provide a qualified response.

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