Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s Last Rescued Ussuri Brown Bear Dies

Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s Last Rescued Ussuri Brown Bear Dies

Four ussuri brown bears were rescued from from a cramped museum in Japan

and re homed in Yorkshire, however the last of the rescued bears has passed away.

In August 2018, the bears, Riku, Kai, Hanako and Amu, were flown 5,400 miles

after being found in a cramped museum in Hokkaido.

When the bears arrived, they had significant health problems with one

bear, Amu, put to sleep in the same month as they arrived.

This was due to chronic degenerative diseases which were “worse than first thought”

according to vets.

Kai and Riku passing away in September and October of this year respectively.

Hanako, 27, was put to sleep on Saturday after a series of fits occurring

throughout the week.

It is known that Kai and Riku were 17 when they arrived at the park, Hanako and Amu were 27.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park were ‘deeply saddened’ over the death of Hanako.

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