Demonstration In Oxford Supporting Trans Rights This Friday

Demonstration In Oxford Supporting Trans Rights This Friday

In support of the city’s transgender community, a demonstration will take place

in Oxford following a row over the transphobic stickers that has littered the streets in recent months.

For the past few months there have been insulting and disrespectful stickers targeted

at transgender people placed on lampposts and street furniture.

As police investigate who is placing these stickers,

supporters of the trans community are retaliating by replacing the

hurtful words with kind, encouraging and accepting stickers.

The demonstration will take place on Friday, October 25, at 7pm

outside the Clarendon building.

The event is being deliberately timed to take place during the same time

as Woman’s Place UK’s event entitled A Woman’s Place Is At The Lectern.

This is due to the mentioned organisation claiming they are a ‘feminist organisation’

however its uncovered that they are attempting to erode the existing rights for trans people.

In the latest crime statistics, it revealed a sharp rise in hate crimes compared to last year

when only one was formally recorded.

12 transphobic incidents occurred between September through to August.

In 2016 not a single crime motivated by the fact that someone may be transgender was recorded.

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